170914 – Mammoth Lakes Zero Day

Day:  144
Date:  Thursday, 14 September 2017
Start:  Trailhead in Devil’s Postpile National Monument near Mile 908.5, 7569 ft
Finish:  Trailhead in Devil’s Postpile National Monument near Mile 908.5, 7569 ft
Daily Miles:  0.0 PCT
Total PCT Miles:  2229.2
Weather:  Mild and sunny.
Accommodation:  Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes
     Breakfast:  Ham & cheese omelette, hash browns, toast & jam
     Lunch:  Tuna sub, choc chip cookies
     Dinner:  Pizza, ice cream
Aches:  None really, but did some surgery on the calluses under my forefeet with a pen knife and have hopefully resolved that problem.
Highlight:  None really.
Lowlight:  None really.
Pictures:  No pictures today.

Position:  Click here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

The day was spent leisurely attending to the normal “zero day” chores in a pleasantly warm and sunny Mammoth Lakes.  I also did some planning for meeting friends, Neil and Rob, at separate times over the next two weeks to share some of my travels along the PCT which will be a welcome change.

Apparently, there is a chance that a weather system from the north (those pesky Canadians) is going to bring some cold temperatures and possibly snow to the mountains next week.  I’ve decided to keep my thermals in my pack, after originally deciding to discard them here, since they were not needed on the last section.

It was very wintry here in Mammoth Lakes last night and it feels strange to be hiking through another change of seasons.

Tomorrow, I’ll try and have an early breakfast of pastries from the bakery across tbe road and then hitch back up to the trailhead to rejoin the PCT.

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1 Response to 170914 – Mammoth Lakes Zero Day

  1. judy says:

    enjoy the pastries Dave, get a few kilos back before cold weather hits again 🙂


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