170815 – A bit of a nothing day

Day:  114
Date:  Tuesday, 15 August 2017
Start:  Camped by the trail at Mile 2335.7, 6148 ft
Finish:  Camped by the trail at Mile 2361.0, 3875 ft
Daily Miles:  25.3 PCT 
Total PCT Miles:  1820.7
Weather:  Cool to mild and sunny
Accommodation:  Tent
     Breakfast:  Muesli
     Lunch:  Gorp
     Dinner:  Rice & pasta with cheese and tuna.
Aches:  Heel a little bit better today after I spent 20 minutes doctoring it before hiking by sticking about five of the tiny blister pads I bought in Trout Lake over the affected area.
Highlight:  None really.  Maybe only seeing three other people, all on multi-day hikes, all day was a record. 
Lowlight:  Costing myself 20-30 minutes with a navigational error in late morning was annoying when I was hoping for a good mileage day.
Pictures:  Click here
:  Click here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

It was a very cold night, and I woke a number of times thinking that I should put on some more clothes, but couldn’t face the prospect of leaving my warm sleeping bag to get some!  I’ve had my sleeping bag for a long time, and wonder whether it is past its best.

I woke at 5:00am, planning on an early start and a good mileage day, but when I had a look at my sore left heel by headlamp and pressed it a few times with my fingers, I decided I better try something to get me through the day and plastered the area with tiny blister pads.  That took some time, as did packing up in the cold, and it was 6:30am before I started hiking, wearing more clothes than usual.

The first few hours were easy hiking on undulating trail through the woods, and I didn’t take a break until 9:00am when it was getting warm enough to remove some clothing and I was due some breakfast.  From there the trail descended further to a vast meadow (Government Meadow), and it was here that I took the wrong track on leaving and cost myself some time.  Curses!

After the meadow, the trail became a lot more hilly, and included some high traverses across bare slopes and passed through some old burnt out areas.  There were occasional good views of Mt Rainier on what had become a clear and sunny day, though with mild temperatures.

I committed myself to reach my current campsite by not loading up with water at the last opportunity 12 miles earlier, and as usual, it took longer to get here than I expected. I arrived at 6:45pm, having descended 2000 ft in the last five miles, but then had to go and collect and purify water from a stream a few hundred metres away.  Everything takes time, and it was almost dark by the time I retired to my tent. However, before that, while eating my tasty dinner in the dying daylight, camped amongst giant redwoods, I was counting myself lucky to be having such an experience.

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2 Responses to 170815 – A bit of a nothing day

  1. Ray Hayward says:

    Have your route overlaid on Google Earth. Good to see your still on the move and enjoying where your at. So many peaky peaks by the photo`s. Looking very remote over the next few days.


    • Dave Byrnes says:

      Yep, there’s not much around between here and the Canadian border. My next to resupplies are at Skykomish and Stehekin and the latter has no road access.


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