170812 – Packwood Zero Day

Day:  111
Date:  Saturday, 12 August 2017
Start:  Where PCT crosses Highway 12 in White Pass at Mile 2292.4, 4409 ft
Finish:  Where PCT crosses Highway 12 in White Pass at Mile 2292.4, 4409 ft
Daily Miles:  0.0 PCT
Total PCT Miles:  1752.4
Weather:  Thunder storm and some rain early, then warm and sunny.
Accommodation:  Room at Packwood Inn Motel in Packwood
     Breakfast:  Corn beef hash with scrambled eggs & hash browns, and toast.
     Lunch:  Toasted turkey & cheese sandwich with fries.
     Dinner:  Salad, chicken-fried steak & vegetables, ice-cream, tapioca & watermelon
Aches:  None today
Highlight:  Looks like the smoke haze has cleared, since Mt Rainier is clearly visible from town.
Lowlight:  None really.
Pictures:  No pictures today

Position:  Click here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

Not much to report about today.  The usual shopping, eating and laundry, all done at a leisurely pace.  For a change, Packwood is a relatively compact little town, so it hasn’t required much walking around to complete my tasks.

I saw on Facebook that a wildfire has closed another section of the PCT in Oregon near Sisters where I was a few weeks ago and that has me hoping the thunder storms of the last two days don’t continue and start any more fires near me (or anywhere).
I have the usual plan for leaving town tomorrow.  Breakfast at the adjacent restaurant when it opens at 7:00am, and then hitching the trail 20 miles back to the trail.  Hopefully there are some kind motorists heading my way early on a Sunday morning.

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3 Responses to 170812 – Packwood Zero Day

  1. my husband David and I are watching your progress with great interest as we are planning to hike the PCT in 2018. Would love to meet up when you return to Aus to pick your brain we live in Newcastle and got your name from Wally Bembic. David is completing the GNW100 this year

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  2. chrisburglar says:

    I keep reading your blog every few days Dave. Keep up the good work.
    Chris Yates

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