170726 – Sisters Zero Day

Day:  094
Date:  Wednesday, 26 July 2017
Start:  The PCT crossing of Hwy 242 at Mackenzie Pass at Mile 1981.2, 5308 ft
Finish:  The PCT crossing of Hwy 242 at Mackenzie Pass at Mile 1981.2, 5308 ft
Daily Miles:  0.0 PCT, 2.0 in town
Total PCT Miles:  1440.9
Weather:  Warm, humid and partly sunny
Accommodation:  Room at Best Western Ponderosa in Sisters
     Breakfast:  Cereal, scrambled eggs & sausages, bagel & cream cheese
     Lunch:  Turkey salad sandwich, chips and donut
     Dinner:  Salad, meatloaf & vegetables, ice cream and tapioca
Aches:  Nothing new
Highlight:  None really
Lowlight:  None really
Pictures:  No pictures today.

Position:  Click here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

I had a relaxing day which included some shopping and plenty of eating.  Sisters seems to be a new western-themed town, plonked in the middle of ponderosa pine country to cater for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.  Walking around, I didn’t see any old buildings, just plenty of quaint restaurants, craft and curio shops all dressed up to look like they were out of a western movie, but too clean and prim.  The tourists were out in force and it seemed every third vehicle driving down the main street was an RV.

There is a movie theatre at the other end of town from my motel, and I did contemplate walking there to see Dunkirk, but the four mile roundtrip put me off.  Instead, I had a look around the town as I shopped this morning and then spent some of the afternoon catching up with family on video calls.

Tomorrow, I’ll eat the motel’s good continental breakfast at 7:00am, then walk the half mile back to Hwy 242 and hitchike back to the trail.  I have about eight days to my next day off in Cascade Locks, and called a motel there tonight to book a room.  Lucky I did, as I got their last room, and it’s not a big town.  I will set out with three days’ food, trusting that the store in the small resort of Olallie Lake on the trail has sufficient food to see me through to Cascade Locks.  It’s a bit of a gamble, but I can’t be bothered mailing food ahead,  and so far I have managed with what I have found along the way.

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1 Response to 170726 – Sisters Zero Day

  1. judy says:

    sooo enjoying your blogs of such a fascinating trip…..trust there is food available for you at next stop

    Liked by 1 person

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