170712 – Ashland Zero Day

Day:  080
Date:  Wednesday, 12 July 2017
Start:  Junction with trail to I-5 at Mile 1715.2, 4475 ft
Finish:  Junction with trail to I-5 at Mile 1715.2, 4475 ft
Daily Miles:  0.0 PCT

Total PCT Miles:  1174.9
Weather:  Very warm and sunny
Accommodation:  Room at Rodeway Inn, Ashland
     Breakfast:  Waffle, boiled eggs and banana
     Lunch:  Tuna sub and M&M cookies
     Dinner:  Pizza, ice cream & rice
Aches:  None
Highlight:  Getting quite a lot done.
Lowlight:  Not getting much time to relax
Pictures:  No pictures today

Position:  Click here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

There wasn’t much time for relaxing today as I worked out my schedule in detail for the next three weeks including where I will resupply.  I also organised gear to be mailed ahead and other stuff to be stored, shopped for supplies and picked up my resoled boots from downtown.  After a close look at the remainder of my hike, I booked my return flight to Australia.  It only took two hours on the phone to Qantas!  I now have a schedule I need to stick to, with a couple of buffer days, and am hoping that will be motivating.  All going well, I will finish hiking on 6 October.

I’m a bit worried about how easy it will be to hitchhike back to the trail tomorrow morning from where I am staying, so will try to be early, but also want to get a good night’s sleep in a proper bed, and a reasonable breakfast before I hit the road.

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