170705 – Smokey Etna Zero Day

Day:  073
Date:  Wednesday, 05 July 2017
Start:  Sawyers Bar Road crossing (Etna Summit) at Mile 1597.2, 5980 ft
Finish:  Sawyers Bar Road crossing (Etna Summit) at Mile 1597.2, 5980 ft
Daily Miles:  0.0 PCT, 2.0 walking around town
Total PCT Miles:  0.0
Weather:  Very warm, sunny and breezy
Accommodation:  Room at Motel Etna
     Breakfast:  Country scramble, toast & jam
     Lunch:  Salad and tuna melt sandwich
     Dinner:  Bacon & mushroom steakburger and potato salad, ice cream and tapioca.
Aches:  None
Highlight:  Lazy day
Lowlight:  None really
Pictures:  No pictures today

Position:  Click here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

The motel fireworks were not a big deal last night and I was in bed soon after 10:00pm for a good night’s sleep.

Today has been the usual kind of zero day – sorting through gear, planning the next leg (trying to work out where the snow will be), calculating and purchasing food needs, attending to other minor chores, and of course, eating and drinking.  All done at a leisurely pace.  I called ahead to the next very small store on the trail, at Seiad Valley, to make sure they had a good range of food for PCT hikers and the owner assured me they had, so I will carry just three days food out of Etna.  Distance-wise, it is really a shorter journey than that, but I’m budgeting for some slow snow travel.

Etna lies in a valley at the base of the mountains, and around noon I saw a lot of fire trucks (including one from a Correctional Institution) heading east out of town.  In the distance, smoke could be seen rising, and before long Etna was cloaked in a smoke haze which lasted all afternoon.  Everybody in town was talking about it, but nobody seemed to know the nature of the fire.  Consensus was that it was some kind of grass fire.

I’ll have an early breakfast tomorrow at the nearby diner I have been frequenting, and hopefully be hitching out of town by 8:00am.

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