170526 – Tehachapi Zero Day 1

Day:  033
Date:  Friday, 26 May 2017
Start:  Tehachapi Willow Springs Road crossing at Mile 558.5, 4153 ft

Finish:  Tehachapi Willow Springs Road crossing at Mile 558.5, 4153 ft

Daily Miles:  0.0 PCT, 2.5 other
Total PCT Miles:  558.5
Weather:  Foggy at first, then cool and sunny
Accommodation:  Best Western Mountain Inn, Tehachapi
     Breakfast:  Cereal, yoghurt, scrambled eggs and sausage 
     Lunch:  Tuna sub and choc chip cookies
     Dinner:  Salad, enchiladas, rice and beans, and ice-cream
Aches:  None
Highlight:  Getting chores done in a relaxed way
Lowlight:  Accidentally overwriting an important personal file on Google Drive and having to make a trip to the library where I could use a PC to try and recover it.  Eventually successful.
Pictures:  No pictures today

Map:  Click here for Google Map

Not much to report.  Started by working out my likely schedule for the next three weeks, then deciding what food I needed where, and finally ordering online from Walmart food to be delivered to two places I will be visiting which hold parcels for PCT hikers.  Fingers crossed that it all works out.  As usual, things don’t go smoothly when you are travelling, and Walmart wouldn’t accept my Australian credit card, and when I tried to use PayPal, the latter locked my account because I couldn’t get the SMS confirmation code they were sending to my Australian phone number.  All sorted out eventually.

Tehachapi is a spread out town and I walked over a mile to get to the outdoor sports store and biggest supermarket to get supplies for the next five days.  While there, I found a barber and got a haircut and beard trim.  There are plenty of PCT hikers in town, including a number at the motel where I am staying (saw them at the complimentary breakfast).  They are easily identifiable, usually wearing sandals of some description, shorts, somewhat ungroomed, down jackets, and walking when everybody else drives.

I completed most of my task list, and will have a quieter day tomorrow.

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1 Response to 170526 – Tehachapi Zero Day 1

  1. Joan Boyd says:

    enjoying your tremendous effort Dave – great thing to be doing . Boyda thinks you should really be back here watching footy!! OMG!!

    Liked by 1 person

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