170520 – Acton KOA

Day:  027
Date:  Saturday, 20 May 2017
Start:  Messenger Flats Primitive Campground at Mile 430.4, 5886 ft
Finish:  Acton KOA (Kampgrounds of America), near Mile 444.3, 2226 ft
Daily Miles:  13.9 PCT, 0.2 other
Total PCT Miles:  444.3
Weather:  Very warm and sunny all day
Accommodation:  Tent in Acton KOA commercial campground
     Breakfast:  Muesli & Coke
     Lunch:  Ice-cream and danish pastry
     Dinner:  Pizza and ice-cream
Aches:  None
Highlight:  The first hour at the Acton KOA.  I arrived at 12:30pm hot, sweaty and thirsty, checked in to pay from my camping spot and at the same time bought a chocolate milk, Coke and pint of ice-cream.  Then I sat outside the store in the shade with a small group of PCT hikers, most of whom are now familiar, and savoured the drinks and ice-cream with friends who were doing the same.
Lowlight:  None really.
Pictures:  Click here

Position:  Google Maps link here.
Map:  Click here for Google Map

I was on the trail at 6:30am as usual, hoping to reach the Acton KOA commercial campground (friendly to PCT hikers) 14 miles away by lunchtime.  The trail began what was a long descent, punctuated by a few grinding ascents, on what was already quite a warm day by 7am.  My first rest break target was the North Fork Ranger Station in seven miles, where I could replenish my water if necessary, and I reached there at 8:45am.  There was some “trail magic” happening, as someone had left a cooler full of soft drink and muesli bars near the picnic area asking for a donation of $1 for each item taken.  Sadly, I only had one one dollar note, so limited myself to a can of Coke to go with my muesli breakfast, but I knew there was more Coke in my future for the day so wasn’t too worried.

After that pleasant stop in the shade, I hd eight miles to go on a very hot morning.  To break it up, I stopped half way and drank nearly a litre of water, which was very welcome.  It made the remaining miles pass quickly and I reached the Acton KOA at 12:30pm.  After checking in and consuming some drinks and ice-cream with fellow hikers, I set up my tent and spent some time showering and doing laundry.  Once the chores were done, I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.  There is a pool at the campground, but there’s also a large group of boy scouts camped here, and many of them were in the pool.

I ordered pizza delivery together with two other hikers for dinner, but couldn’t eat all of mine though still found room for another ice-cream.  

Tomorrow, I have ten miles to the small town of Agua Dulce, which supposedly has a reasonable grocery store, so I will resupply on my way through.  If there was a motel there, I would probably stay the night, but it seems the only accommodation is a place called “Hikers Heaven” where PCT hikers can camp and get food.  I suspect it will be crowded, and it doesn’t appeal that much.  I’ll probably just keep hiking after the resupply.  It was a record high temperature for Los Angeles today and the heat is supposed to last until Thursday.  That’s going to make the desert this week hard work.

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3 Responses to 170520 – Acton KOA

  1. Kevin says:

    Hi Dave. I found a spelling mistake, which is very unusual for you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Makio says:

    David, hello from Japan. Don’t get shot. 🙂 Makio


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