170509 – A Nero (Near Zero) Day

Day:  016
Date:  Tuesday, 09 May 2017
Start:    Campsite beside the trail at Mile 261.2, 6782 ft
Finish:  Highway 18 at Mile 266.1, 6830 ft
Daily Miles:  4.9 PCT, 2 other
Total PCT Miles:  266.1
Weather:  Cool to mild and mostly sunny
Accommodation:  Room at Lindberg Suites in Big Bear Lake
     Breakfast:  Omelette and hash browns
     Lunch:  Tuna sub and chocolate chip cookies
     Dinner:  Chimichanga, rice and beans, and ice-cream
Aches:  None
Highlight:  A lazy day in Big Bear Lake
Lowlight:  Many hours spent unsuccessfully trying to resolve a problem transferring pictures from my camera to my tablet computer.
Pictures:  Click here 

Map:  Click here for Google Map

I was up and away by 6:30 am on a very cool morning and had a pleasant hour and a half hiking with a light pack (no food or water) and some great views to the east across the desert, reminding me that I was still at around 7000 ft.

I reached Highway 18 at 8:10am and was picked up by the second car to come along and taken into Big Bear Lake, about nine miles away.  My hopes of being able to dump my pack at my booked room before afternoon check-in were dashed when I found the Lindberg Suites, supposedly with a 24-hour check-in desk, was in fact a building with four suites and a phone number pasted on the outside to call.  Of course, no one answered when I called.  I went and had breakfast at a Denny’s up the road and called the “hotel” again without luck.

Deciding that I should make use of the time, even encumbered by my pack, I then walked into the centre of the picturesque ski resort.  A girl called to me from across the street, and it turned out to be Innana, the girl from San Francisco that I met three days ago who had just been starting out on her two-week hike.  She had done too much too soon and had feet trouble and had then hitched with some other hikers to Big Bear, missing out a section of the trail.  She suggested I meet up with them at a brewery in town tonight, but that doesn’t have great appeal.  I felt sorry for her hike being disrupted by injury, but she says she will continue tomorrow, so that’s good.
After finding one laundromat closed, without explanation, I got the address of another, 1.5 miles away, from the Visitors Center.  After a quick change in the attached public toilet (the joys of thru-hiking) into just my running shoes, rainpants and a t-shirt, I caught the local bus to the laundromat and did my washing.  The “hotel” called to tell me they would get my room ready as soon as possible, so after some shopping and lunch at  Subway, I walked the 1.5 miles back.  My suite is very nice, so I’m not complaining. After unsuccessfully trying to use a purchased SD card reader with with my laptop, and numerous other experiments, I still have not resolved my problem transferring pictures from my camera to my tablet.  I’ll try a few more things tomorrow, but there are few stores, if any, in town that can help.  It’s very frustrating.  Apart from that, I got quite a lot done today, and in all other respects my hike is going really well.

For dinner I went to the Mexican restaurant across the street and then wat hed a couple of movies on Netflix in my room.

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1 Response to 170509 – A Nero (Near Zero) Day

  1. Ray Hayward says:

    Maybe more memory cards for the camera as an interim. Just stash them well lol


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