170426 – Higher and warmer

Day:  003

Date:  Wednesday, 27 April 2017

Start:  Lake Morena Campground

Finish:  Campsite on Long Creek 5416 ft

Daily Miles:  17.6

Total PCT Miles:  37.6

Weather:  Sunny and warm all day.

Accommodation:  Tent in clearing by creek


     Breakfast:  Muesli

     Lunch:  Gorp

     Dinner:  Rehydrated Mexican chicken with rice

Aches:  Mild headache and head cold bothered me all day

Highlight:  Getting a campsite on my own (so far)

Lowlight:  Getting asked by the ranger for my payment receipt at Morena Lake Campground when he turned up at 7am just after I had finished packing everything away, including the receipt.

Pictures:  Click here

Position:  Click here

Map:  Click here for Google Map


I wasn’t as stiff and sore as anticipated when I started hiking at 7am.  I was by no means the first to leave, with some of my fellow PCT hikers on their way at first light.  The campsite was a quiet scene of industry as hikers packed and left with a minimum of noise disturbing those still sleeping.  I hadn’t slept well as my new state-of-the-art airbed is quite uncomfortable.  I may look for a replacement.  In the end, I just let the air out and slept on the ground.

As usual, the early morning hiking was very pleasant.  The trail crossed the valley floor in cool sunshine, before beginning what turned out to be a gradual climb for the rest of the day in increasingly warm temperatures.  Although I crossed paths with a few hikers during the day, I was always walking by myself, which I enjoyed.  The trail climbed into the dry mountain country, crossing a few roads, including one freeway, but I always felt like I had the place to myself.  The views were fantastic, though the climbing was a sweaty affair and I can see my arms are sunburnt.

I did get quite tired later in the day and was taking a break every hour.  Despite this, I passed quite a few hikers during the afternoon as they sought shelter from the sun. There’s definitely a social aspect to the PCT hike, with some of them getting together at every opportunity.

I found a nice place to camp at about 4:40pm, which gave me plenty of time to have a wash and do my chores in daylight.  I haven’t gone quite as far as I would have liked today, but am happy with my progress.

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